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Morocco in Hawaii

Current Opportunities in Morocco for Hawaii's businesses

Potential for trade opportunities between Hawaii-based companies and Morocco is significant, especially due to the recent signing of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between United States of America and the Kingdom of Morocco.

A sample of such current opportunities are listed below. Similar opportunities exist in other areas (such as education, NGOs, etc.) as well.

Rabat « Capital of Morocco,
« Facing the Atlantic ocean (45km)
« A moderate climate
Surface area 9580 km² with the largest forest of the country (323 900 ha)
Population « Inhabitants : 2,36 millions (7,9% of Morocco)
« Density: 247inh/km²
« Participation rate : 48,4%
Infrastructure « One airport
« Adequate infrastructures to host industries, IT companies and services
« Connected with highways
« Competitive telecommunication infrastructures
« Advanced education structure that is made of top engineering schools, international schools and universities
Agriculture Wide range of agricultural activity due to the softness of the climate and the richness of the soil
High yields because of the use of the new technologies (green houses…etc)
The forest resources (thuja, oak, cork oak) generate significant incomes
Useful agricultural surface: 494.300 ha
Forests: 323.900 ha (34% of the total area of the region)
Cereals: 300.000 ha
Fodder: 23.000 ha
Tree growing: 21.000 ha
Leguminous: 17.000 ha
Truck farming: 13.000 ha
Industry Innovation oriented, the industry brings together a wide range of activities such as textile, chemistry and para-chemistry as well as agri-business
The region is focusing on upgrading the existing industrial areas and creating integrated ones
614 large industrial companies
Employees: 42 026
Sales: 911 millions of $
Exportation: 272 millions of $
Production: 799 millions of $
Investment: 43 millions of $
Tourism The region is blessed with a wide range of attractive elements:
« Geographical location
« Historical and cultural heritage
« The capital as an administrative pole for business hotel industry
« Golf course
« Convention center

The region is determined to boost its attractiveness and its tourist capacity, in addition to expanding eco-tourism and seaside tourism
34 hotels
Room capacity : 3995
Bed capacity: 7368
Number of nights: 505330
Handicraft Rich with an age-old heritage, handicraft is a major component of the region’s culture, history and economic fabric.
In order to consistently improve the quality of products, many training projects and craftsmen’s workshops are being held. These activities led the region to occupy the first place in terms of handicraft exportations
Crafts: rug and carpet, pottery, encrusted wood, wrought iron, etc.
Trade & services The positive impact of services on the region’s economy is becoming increasingly obvious as a result of the growing number of outsourced activities: distribution and commerce, franchising, shopping centers, new services, care-taking and remote surveillance…etc.  
IT & R&D The number of IT and call center has considerably increased thanks to the numerous assets enjoyed by the region, namely:
« Geographical and cultural proximity
« Competitive human resources
« Telecommunication infrastructures

There is a big interest for the establishment of Research and Development thanks in part to the skills offered by universities and engineering schools in the region
21 Call centers (1200 positions)
First Research & Development Center in Morocco

Bouregreg Valley

Description Bouregreg project is a royal approach to enhance the capital of the kingdom to the rank it is worth of among the big cities of the Mediterranean area and ensure its cohesion and opening out. This big project spreads on a vast space of about 5000 hectares along the banks of Bouregreg river. The investment for setting up this project is 3 Billions dollars and it will create around 110000 jobs.
Owner SABR Aménagement
Partners Dubai Holding (realization of the first phase)
Composition « Marina and Atlantic ports
« Technology Centers (offices, research centers, IT companies, call centers and university)
« Central Space (services, commercial and economic activities, leisure park)
« Commercial area (shopping mall, shops, trade centers, recreational facilities, etc…)
« Hotels and conference center
« City of arts and crafts (350 leisure crafts, trade centers, restaurants, etc…)
« Residential area
« Artificial island
« Walking paths
« Modern transportation including a tramway
Environment « In the heart of the country
« Less than 1 hour drive from the international airports
« Connected with all Morocco’s highways
Business Opportunities « Investors
« Equity buyers
« Developers, constructors
« Hotels constructors and managers
« Transportation experts
« Drainage experts
« Dredging experts
Contact Mr. Lemghari ESSAQL (General Manager)
Sabr Amenagement
Place Moulay El Hassan B.P. 408 - Rabat
Phone: 037 66 93 02 Fax: 037 66 92 80
Web site: www.bouregreg.com

Integrated Industrial Park of Ain Johra

Description New integrated industrial district around the capital mainly in the textile, agro-food, electrical and mechanical sectors in an estimated surface area of 400 hectares. This project will create about 72000 jobs.
Owner Regional council of Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer
Partners Piemont region
Rhones Alpes region
Composition « Industrial plots
« Logistics area
« Transportation area
« Water treatment station
Environment « Near the capital
« 2 hours from the seaports of Casablanca & Tangier
Business Opportunities « Developers who have expertise in the realization of integrated industrial parks
« Experts in logistics
« Experts in water treatment
Contact Mr. Amine ACHOUR
Regional Investment Center of the region
23, avenue de la victoire – Rabat
Tel: 037 77 64 00 Fax: 037 77 63 88
Email: info@rabatinvest.ma
Web site: www.rabatinvest.ma
Bouknadel Resort Project  
Description This techno-park will be the first IT and Multimedia Area in Rabat in a surface area of 75 ha. It will cost around 180 millions US dollars and it will create 12000 jobs (by 2016).
Owner Maroc Hotêls Village (CDG development)
Composition « IT & Off-shoring companies (multimedia activities, call centers, R&D)
« Education & Training Centers (university, IT centers)
« Business Incubators
« Services for companies (Hotels , restaurants, sport and leisure centers)
Environment « In the cost line
« Connected with the highway
Business Opportunities « Investors
« Equity buyers
« Developers, constructors
« Experts in techno-parks
Partners Moroccan government
(Ministry of economic and general affairs)
Settlement mode « Floor office rent
« Floor office acquisition
« Land acquisition
« Installation in Business Center
Contact Mr. Mohammed SQUALLI (General Manager)
Maroc Hotels Villages (MHV)
Place Moulay El Hassan B.P. 408 – Rabat
Tel : 037 66 92 87 Fax : 037 66 92 90

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